sym•bol•o•gy (n). \sim-?bä-l?-j?\
the approved source for smart barcode labeling solutions for labs.

In product safety, there is no room for error. Symbology makes it easy for labs to deploy the most effective, efficient barcode labeling solutions. For R&D and labs, use our best-in-class technology to:

  • Track and manage samples during testing and diagnosis phases
  • Increase specimen identification accuracy
  • Reduce tracking errors

Our 2-inch label is ideal for identifying vials, petri dishes, slides, and more:

  • Resist chemicals
  • Withstand extreme temperatures

Symbology's total barcode solution includes the Zebra GX430t thermal transfer printer. This compact printer boasts a small footprint with big power including fast speed, superior print quality, and the easiest ribbon loading system on the market. Plus, the triple connectivity enables easy integration into your existing system.

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Symbology. Redefining ID ease.

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