Offering an approved source to meet GHS labeling standards.

What is GHS:

- GHS is a worker safety initiative to provide chemical handlers with important hazard information
-Creates a single international hazard warning communication using standardized color pictograms.
**Prior to the GHS standard each country in their own languages provided warnings. Now, there is a single international pictogram per hazard**

GHS Challenge:

- Every chemical produces unique hazards. Each hazard type requires a unique color pictogram. Therefore the number of pictograms will often vary from label to label.

- To handle this new element the number of color pre-prints required explodes.

- The Epson TM-C3500 color on demand printer. provides the solution to this challenge.

- Just load plain labels that will survive your environment and then print the pictograms and everything else as needed!

- All labels created must be compliant by June 1, 2015

- Product in inventory must be used up or relabeled by December 1, 2015

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Epson TM-C3500

Whether you're printing labels, tickets or tags, the TM-C3500 is designed to help your business print a wide variety of colourful labels in-house. Featuring high-quality print speeds of up to 103mm/sec and individual pigment ink cartridges, your business can save money on outsourcing label production, by printing labels on-demand.

Print your own labels
With the TM-C3500, you can easily customise and print your own colour labels. Whether it's printing packaging labels with colourful logos and pictures or tickets and ID cards with important barcodes and product information, this printer ensures you can print it all from one machine. It also helps you conform with GHS international chemical labelling guidelines, as labels can be printed on-demand without using pre-printed templates.

High-quality and durable
Thanks to the individual pigment ink cartridges, you can create fast-drying, highly detailed labels that are smudge, water and fade resistant. Not only will your labels look great, but the pigment ink's long-lasting, durable qualities make it perfect for a wide variety of environments.

Easy-to-use 4-colour label printer
You can easily print on a wide selection of materials, including matte and glossy coated paper and filmic labels. This means you can create exactly the type of labels you need. The LCD screen displays ink levels and printer status information, while front operation and easy setup software means you can operate the printer without specialist training.

Saving you money
Thanks to individual pigment ink cartridges, this label printer is ideal for cutting printing costs with its low cost-per-label, as you only need to replace the colour used.

Key Features

Durable prints
Long-lasting pigment ink
Fast print speeds
Print labels at up to 103mm/sec
Matte, glossy and more
Print on a wide variety of media
Easy operation
LCD screen for ink and printer status
Cost saving
Individual ink cartridges